Whoa, peepz!

By now I have 889 followers, even though I abandoned this blog a little. (At the same time my side blog mrowkabezograniczen which I update more often recently has 14 followers, but okay) If I come back to regular posting, I may hit 1000 this year! It’s just incredible. I think it would be a good occasion for making an special artwork. Any ideas?

Anonymous asked:

Hello there. I follow your blog a very long time and I noticed that you posting a very great pics. But i heard that on tumblr exist some copyright law. Do you know stg about that? I also posted material on tumblr, but i'm shocked bc copyright law. By the way, how old are you? (:

No, Tumblr is not very strict about copyright (; I’ve never had any issues because of that. I think it’s possible to report one’s post but it doesn’t happen very often, so don’t worry. Of course, if you know the original source of your content (artist’s or photographer’s webpage), it would be the best to give credit to the author. There’s such option in post creating mode.

And I’m 20 years old (;

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